Getting Started

The first step is getting an evaluation.

Comprehensive Low Vision Evaluations

The comprehensive Low Vision Evaluation is conducted by a Low Vision Specialist, an optometrist who is trained in the field of low vision.  After a thorough review of the client’s medical and vision histories, the Low Vision Specialist conducts an evaluation of the functionality of the client’s vision.  Devices such as magnifiers, bioptic spectacles, high-powered reading glasses, telescopic lenses, glare control tinted glasses and computer technology equipment may be recommended.

The optometrist then determines the need for other services along with training the client on the use of the device(s).

These services include:

  • Rehabilitation training
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Computer Access Technology
  • Tools for Independent Living

Additional Programs

Project Independence: Georgia Vision Program for Seniors

Are you or is someone you know at least 55 years of age and experiencing vision loss or a combined vision and hearing loss? Project Independence could help.

This vision program for seniors (also referred to as the Older Blind Program) is administered by the Georgia Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and provides services that can help you remain independent.

Services may include:

  • comprehensive low vision evaluations by qualified professionals to assess your needs
  • skills training in your home community by certified rehabilitation specialists
  • mobility training by certified instructors
  • support groups that offer opportunities to learn from and interact with peers
  • assistive devices such as talking watches, big button phones and magnifiers

To Apply for Project Independence you may ask your eye specialist for a referral to VRS and complete the above referenced application.

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