Nonprofit Career Opportunities:

Since 1983, VRS (Vision Rehabilitation Services) has provided quality care to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. We are proud of our dedicated and professional staff.

To learn more about our current nonprofit career openings, please contact:
Jen Williams, Executive Director
(770) 432-7280 ext. 210

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Vision Rehabilitation Instructors

Vision Rehabilitation instructors are needed for Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia located in Smyrna, Ga. Instruct clients of all ages in vision rehab and vision orientation and mobility. Provide services throughout GA. Work with clients who have low vision/blindness. Teach adaptive travel skills. Provide instruction in adaptive strategies that will address all daily activities, including the use of Braille, access to technology & cooking. Independently manage a caseload. Complete skills assessment and write reports. M.S. in vision rehab therapy, orientation & mobility or related field. Must have completed course work in orientation & mobility with children, issues in travel, principles of orientation & mobility, computer technology in rehabilitation, teaching for independent living & methods of teaching adaptive communication. Must be willing to travel to clients throughout GA. Competitive salary.

Send resume and cover letter to:
Jen Williams –

Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia Personal Adjustment Counseling

Adjustment to Blindness Counselor

Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia, Inc is seeking an Adjustment to Blindness Counselor to provide services for the visually impaired.  Position is part-time and does require travel throughout north and northwest Georgia.  Masters Degree in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work or Licensed by the State of Georgia as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker required.  Must have 2 years minimum experience in hands-on application with the disabled.

Job Summary:

  • Counsel clients and their families who have/are experiencing vision loss and/or blindness
  • Assesses and reassesses social and emotional factors in order to help the patient and family
  • Recognizes and utilizes community and family resources to assist the client in long-term plans
  • Organize and lead support groups for clients/families/primary caregivers concerning personal, financial, and environmental difficulties that may interfere with the health and wellness continuum
  • Perform agency introduction presentations, referrals, and intake processes


  • Proficient in creating therapeutic relationships with clients to assist them in gaining insight, defining goals, and planning action to achieve effective personal, social, educational, vocational development and adjustment
  • Provide timely and proficient reports on clients’ personal adjustment and maintain required paperwork
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Willingness to drive to various locations in urban, suburban and rural environments
  • Advocates for patient rights (confidentiality, ethical issues)

Send resume and cover letter to:
Jen Williams –