Wish List - Help grant a wish

If you would like to grant one or more of these wishes, please contact us. Gifts to VRS are tax deductible.

We’re so grateful for those who contribute their time and resources. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for all you do!

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Needed for Clients

  • Uber & Lyft Gift Cards:  Help Cover Uber Expense to travel to work (can’t drive due to being blind) and/or to training sessions
  • Talking blood pressure monitors  
  • Talking glucometers 
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Client Wish Lists

Clients occasionally mention things they dream of doing or it, but can’t due to medical expenses or mobility issues. If you can help make one of their wishes come true, please contact VRS at 770.432.7280

  • Spend the Day at the Atlanta Zoo (donate tickets / transportation)
  • Go Kayaking (donate funds to rent kayaks for several low vision teenagers and an adult guide)
Contact Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia VRSGA group with Guide dogs

Items Needed for VRS Office

  • Talking blood pressure monitor ($130)  
  • Talking glucometer ($220)
  • Portable defibrillator
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Funding Needed

Here is a list of funds needed to help us help others. Please contact VRS at 770.432.7280 to help fund these needs.

  • Funding for low vision device inventory (approximately $1,500)
  • Funds for off-site programs and travel associated fees (summer programs for low vision & blind teens)
  • Costs associated with our website URL & hosting
  • Purchase of Zoom Meeting (to help our teachers meet with low vision & blind students due to Covid-19 & Social Distancing)