Donors - Giving Tree

Vision rehabilitation services donors GIVING TREE

We gratefully acknowledge our donors who partner with us to provide life-changing services to people who are blind or visually impaired. The following is a legend for inclusion on the Recognition Tree.

Cumulative & Annual Giving of​

  • $1,000 Engraved Leaf
  • $2,500 Copper Leaf
  • $5,000 Dove
  • $10,000 Small Stone
  • $25,000 Large Stone
  • $50,000 Boulder
Keith Testimonial for VRS Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia

“I owe Vision Rehabilitation Services so much. They took me from the lowest point in my life to where I am today — the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Zoe Testimonial for VRS Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia

“I know I have the power to make good things happen. And Vision Rehabilitation Services helped me get started on my way.”

Debra testimonial with Vision Rehabilitation services

“There have been times when I’ve fallen, but Vision Rehabilitation Services gave me the confidence to get up and move ahead with my life.”

These are just a few comments from clients’ describing their journeys with vision impairment and the role that Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia played in helping them in their journey.

Your gift makes life-changing stories like theirs happen every day at Vision Rehabilitation Services.