Access Technology Training

Access Technology Training equips individuals experiencing vision loss with specific skills and technology tools for living and working independently. Taught by certified instructors, clients are provided with individual instruction in basic computer skills as well as instruction in using speech or magnification software programs.

Visually impaired woman using a computer screen magnifier.Access Technology Training provides:

  • Computer Access for individuals with low vision through screen magnification software (Zoomtext)
  • Computer Access for those with more significant loss of vision or total blindness through screen reading software or a braille display (JAWS and MAGic)
  • Computer Access for anyone with vision loss to the software packages most commonly used today in business and for everyday living, such as word processing, spreadsheets, information management, Internet and e-mail
  • Access to printed materials for anyone with vision loss through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning software combined with screen magnification or screen readers
  • Access to portability for screen reader or braille display users through a note-taker/personal digital assistant (PDA)
  • Access to potential education and employment opportunities through the knowledge and skills gained during instruction
  • Access to a wealth of information – if desired, information about even more Access Technology, such as accessible cell  phones, portable scanners, electronic book readers, Talking GPS devices, and more

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